Colombia has no restrictions for almost all travelers who remain less than ninety days in the country. Those staying longer must request a visa or permit depending on the reason for the visit.

Those coming to Colombia to study must obtain a temporary student visa by applying at any Colombian embassy or consulate; this visa is valid for one year and may be renewed.

The application process for a student visa takes three days. This visa is for those who are going to study in public or private institutions recognized by the Colombian government.

To apply for the temporary student visa, you must present your passport or travel document with a copy of the main page to the Colombian consulate.

You must also fill out and sign a visa request form and attach a copy of the admissions or enrollment certificate issued by the educational institution.  Exchange students must present a copy of the agreement between the sponsor and the educational institution.

It is also necessary to include a letter from the person who will provide economic support to you and /or annex documents demonstrating economic solvency.

Those already in Colombia may carry out procedures regarding passport or legal matters, business, health, among others, at their country’s embassy or consulate in Colombia.