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Program of Spanish as a foreign language

Program Summary:
The course works the language skills related with real situations.
Program description:
Works lined up with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CERF) guidelines. It develops the communicative linguistic-cultural competence, comprehension, expression, and the language usage in the four basic skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking. Besides, it approximates students to the Colombian culture because of the real situations in social and cultural environment and particular situations.
Program aimed at: - Foreign students (individual or groups) with a particular interest in learning Spanish and get to know Latin American and Colombian culture
- Students in academic interchange from undergraduate programs, master studies or PhD.
-Different international enterprises representatives with particular interest in Spanish business.
-Different international organisations representatives with academic interests (with vocabulary and situations emphasising the students’ fields of expertise)
Levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2
Hourly intensity: There are three modalities:

Students in academic interchange: Classes on Tuesday and Thursday from 17:00 to 19:00 64 hours in the semester.
Independent students in groups (with a mínimum of six students): Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 13:30. 120 hours per level.
Independent students for individual lessons: According to the student’s availability and time of staying.
Starting and completion dates: There are three modalities:
Students in academic interchange: from middle January to middle May and from the first week of August to middle November.
Independent students in groups: The courses start every six weeks (if the minimum of 6 students is to take the course). Tuitions in the first two weeks of the month to start the next month.
Independent students for individual lessons: Start according their time of arrival and their time of staying.
Associated services: The students have the possibility to enjoy without any cost of the University campus, which includes languages laboratories, parking spaces, cultural activities, sports fields and sport training, library, video-rooms, study-rooms and other academic activities that the University organises for all students.
Optional services:
Airport pick up and taken back (US$ 50 or the equivalent to $150.000 COP).
Cultural activities included in the program: Depending on the time of the year, the students are taken to different cultural activities in the city or nearby: Flower pots festival, Mono Nuñez Festival -in Ginebra, Valle, Petronio Álvarez festival, aJazzgo festival, dancing and cinema Cali festival, salsa world championship, December Christmas lightening, Cali’s fair.
Requirements for registration: • Registration form filled up.
• Medical insurance.
• Colombian visa for students (TP 3).
• Three (3) recent photos.
A certificate of the Spanish level or availability to take the placement test the University offers (for free).
Cost per level or course: .There are three modalities:
• Students in academic interchange: USD$225 (or the equivalent to $672.000 COP) This payment includes material for the calss.
• Independent students in groups: US$ 1050 (or the equivalent to $ 3’100.000,00 COP) per level. PAid in cash or credit card direcly in the University. This payment includes material for the class, one city tour and a snack per day.
• Independent student for individual classes: 30 hour course for USD$667 (or the equivalent to $2’000.000 COP)
There is an optional service of total immertion, consisting in a five day trip to a turistic municipality in the Valle del Cauca (with a minimum of 6 students) It includes touristic guide, different activities and Spanish lessons. It costs US$ 850 (or the equivalent to $2’500.000,00 COP) (all inclusive). According to the time of the year, the Price may vary.
NOTE: According to the semester, the prices may vary. Please contact us to confirm this information
Lodging Information for foreign students: • Optional services:
• Round-trip airport pick- up (US$ 50 or the equivalent to $150.000,00 COP).
• Accommodation: the University provides support in English in finding accommodation.
• Total immersion: the Program also offers the possibility of a total immersion in Spanish for groups of minimum 6 people. This optional countryside activity lasts 5 days and has a registration fee of US$ 850 (or the equivalent to $2’500.000,00 COP) (all Included). According to the time of the year, the place for the trip may vary.
Contact: Rocío Manzano, Lina Villamizar
Email: myromana@hotmail.com
Phone: +57 3004469420
+57 3175182059
Address: Icesi University:18 Street #122-135, Cali, Valle del Cauca
Web page: Program of Spanish as a foreign language