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Spanish as a Second Language

Program Summary:
Ofrecemos cursos diseñados según la necesidad académica y práctica del estudiante.
Program description:
Spanish as a Second Language courses aim to develop communicative and academic skills that will enable students to engage in various activities in Colombia. These may vary from tourism to longer periods of cultural, academic or work purposes that may even lead to an eventual residence in a Spanish speaking country. Thus, the nature and modality of these courses may vary.

• Intensive Spanish courses for speakers of other languages:
This program is aimed at students interested in completely immersing themselves in the Spanish language with the intention of obtaining a high level of adequacy in their speaking skills – this will finally be assessed through exams for international accreditation. The course is provided with cultural trips that relate to the learning that it is necessary for the students to achieve these levels of sufficiency.

• Spanish courses for speakers of other languages:
This program is aimed at people interested in gradually developing their levels of proficiency in Spanish. It consists of a non-intensive schedule of 10 hours per week (Monday to Friday) which is arranged to suit the convenience of the participant in order to fit in with their other commitments. These courses also include some cultural trips.

• Spanish courses for speakers of other languages with specific requirements:
These courses are designed according to the needs and intentions of the student. They also include international students enrolled in other programs of the University. This course also offers some cultural trips.
Program aimed at: •Those in the general public from non-Spanish speaking background who have an interest in improving their production and comprehension of Spanish.

TARGET GROUPS: Students of ELE (Spanish as a foreign language) from non-Spanish speaking backgrounds who are in an immersion context in Colombia for personal, academic, or business reasons.
Levels: 5 Levels:

• Basic: A1 and A2.
• Pre-intermediate: B1.
• Intermediate: B2.
• Advanced: C1
Hourly intensity: Courses are tailor made and include a minimum of 4 people, these participants must agree on a specific schedule and level of intensity. Generally, the courses consist of 60 hours that are divided into 10 hours per week, Monday to Friday from 11am to 1pm and 2pm to 4pm.
Starting and completion dates: Courses can start anytime according to the needs of the students, if groups are available. Normally, classes start every first monday of each month.
Associated services: ELE Students can access all services enjoyed by regular students of the University; these include the gym, Sports fields, Infirmary, Library, Study and rest areas and reading and writing advice services in Spanish. Eventually they will be able to take classes or participate in activities in Spanish related to their personal and professional interest areas.
Cultural activities included in the program: The university offers many different cultural activities that ELE students can access such as festivals, competitions, conferences and National/International debates. Furthermore cultural field trips can be accessible at the request of the students.
Requirements for registration: Students should complete the following:
• Registration
• Spanish language qualification test (via internet)
• Visa application depending on the amount of time they intend to stay in the country
• Ppayment of academic fees
• Issuance of foreign identity card (cédula de extranjería)
Cost per level or course: Each course of 60 hours costs $900000 COP (US$ 300)
Lodging Information for foreign students: The University does not directly provide accommodation however the Chancellery manages a series of residences that we can recommend.
Contact: Camilo Sarmiento Jaramillo, Multilingual and Multicultural Coordinator
Email: camilo.sarmiento@urosario.edu.co; centromulticultural@urosario.edu.co
Phone: (57-1) 3414006 Ext. 246 or 241
Fax: (57-1) 341 3127
Address: Carrera 6ª # 14-13, P5, Edificio Santafé, Bogotá
Web page: Spanish as a Second Language