Universidad de los Andes

Spanish for Foreigners

Program Summary:
El programa desarrolla las habilidades comunicativas a través de prácticas sociales.
Program description:
Through studying the current realities of Colombia and its culture, the students on our Spanish as a Foreign Language courses are encouraged to develop linguistic and sociolinguistic competencies in standard and Colombian Spanish.
Program aimed at: -
Levels: 5 levels
Hourly intensity: 90 hours for level 1
Associated services: -
Requirements for registration: -
Cost per level or course: COP $1.200.000, aprox. $700 USD
Contact: Angélika Simbaqueba
Email: ja.simbaqueba@uniandes.edu.co
Phone: Teléfono (57 1) 339 4949 Ext. 4034
Address: Carrera 1 N° 18 A -10
Web page: Spanish for Foreigners