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Spanish for Foreigners - Spanish for the World Program

Program Summary:
El programa desarrolla las competencias comunicativas en el contexto cultural colombiano.
Program description:
The Spanish for the World Program at Universidad de Caldas is a Spanish Language Learning program designed for international students interested in communicating in Spanish. From the Linguistic and Literature Program and the Foreign languages Department, Spanish for the World offers students the opportunity to achieve language proficiency within a communicative context which allows them to achieve an efficient and effective level of Spanish.
The program is designed in four modules (Fifteen 40 hours levels) and open courses dealing with Culture, Literature and language improvement framed in the proficiency levels described by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages –CEFR.
In Spanish for the World you will find
•A curriculum design based on international standards (CEFR and the Instituto Cervantes Curriculum Plan.)
•Small groups which guarantees individualized instruction from the teachers.
•A program that fits the needs of the students.
•Highly qualified teachers with plenty experience in teaching Spanish as a foreign or second language.
•Flexible schedules which fit the students’ needs
Program aimed at: The program is aimed at those interested in learning Spanish as a second language.
Levels: 60 hours per level - 800 hours in total
Hourly intensity: • A1: 3 courses; 120 hours
• A2: 3 courses; 120 hours
• B1: 4 courses; 160 hours
• B2: 5 courses; 200 hours
• C1: 5 courses; 200 hours
Starting and completion dates: Spanish courses will start according to demand from candidates; therefore, if only one student registers, he will be granted a teacher, a schedule and a classroom.
Associated services: • Fitness U. Caldas
• Library U. Caldas
• Museum U. Caldas
• Dance course
Cultural activities included in the program: • Visit to Nevado del Ruiz (snowy volcano near the city)
• Visit to Venecia coffee farm
• Visit to Manizales historical center and Basilica Cathedral
• Visit to Chipre (a tourist place in the city)
Requirements for registration: • A Spanish placement test.
• Candidates must complete a registration form and send it to espanol.paraelmundo@ucaldas.edu.co. Once the form is completed and sent to the abovementioned e-mail, the University will issue an acceptance letter which is one of the requirements for requesting the Colombian student visa.
• Candidates who expect to spend more than three months in Colombia must have a student visa. This application is requested at any Colombian embassy or consulate.
• Applicants who expect to stay less than three months and who are not requested a student visa will be addressed to immigration authorities with a letter indicating the purpose and time of permanence in Colombia. A copy of this letter will be sent to the students to present it to the immigration officers when arriving in Colombia. A temporary visitor (TV) stamp will be placed in the letter allowing them to participate in academic activities during their stay in the country.
• All students must have an international health insurance, a right to repatriate a body in the event of death, and both must be valid during the time in Colombia.
• The price of the course can be paid before traveling or when arriving at the University of Caldas.
Cost per level or course: Public in general: $ 1'420.000 COP per level.
Exchange students (double title): Free.
Lodging Information for foreign students: We do not have agreements with accommodation
Cooperation and guidance for accommodation in hotels, or hostels.
Contact: Yolanda Pasuy and Octavio Escobar
Email: vickypasuy@gmail.com
Phone: (57-6) 878 1500- Ext.12231. (57-6) 87815 49
Address: Carrera 65 #26-10. Manizales
Web page: Spanish for Foreigners - Spanish for the World Program